Wicks Pies

Client: Wicks Pies – WebInstagram – Facebook
Project: Lifestyle Product for Marketing
Project Location: Studio
Execution: When Wicks first contacted me about photography my first thought was YAAASSSSS!! Who can say no to an Indiana staple like sugar cream pie??? We shot everything in studio for spot on light consistency, locked down on a tripod to keep even angles between pie setups for the ‘cover shots’ on each label. After the gear setup it was a matter of placing the ingredients and deciding on how many crumbs we wanted in the shot! Styling is always the tricky part. I’ve found its a blend of what the client has in their head vs what I’ve seen in my research and what bothers me (I HATE little tangents when 2 items barely touch). This is why I love to shoot tethered to a laptop and with a large monitor & live view running. With this setup we can all see what the placement looks like before a photo is snapped and its actually large enough on the monitor we can see all the detail we could ever want! Think about Wicks for your next party. Its ok to be lazy and not make your own dessert, their pie will taste better anyway! (at least better than my attempts! HA!)

IU Catering

Client: IU Catering – Facebook – Instagram
Project: Lifestyle Product for Marketing
Project Location: On Location
Execution: Collaboration between Chef, the creative team and I was a blast! Blending everyone’s ideas into a successful project full of stock images for a wide array of uses was not as challenging as we anticipated. When you work with food that looks this good its hard to go wrong! Images varied from background fillers to main course menu items to social media banner photos, and the list goes on! It was an honor to work with their team, and I can’t wait for the next project!!

Kaya Soap

Client: Kaya Soap – Etsy Shop  – Instagram
Project: Lifestyle Product for Marketing
Project Location: Studio
Execution: Converting the studio to a bathroom was super fun! I had a blast with Kaya and the studio ended up smelling sooo good with all the candles, soap, and fresh lavender laying around! Take a peek at the video below to see the transformation and how we got the tile backsplash in house on the cheap (spoiler, it was a sharpie!). This was a quick shoot with simply 2 lifestyle images and some silo images of their product for their Amazon store. More in-studio transformations coming soon!

Meats by Linz

Client: Meats by Linz – meatsbylinz.com – Facebook – Instagram
Project: Food product for marketing
Project Location: Studio
Execution: The purpose of this shoot, as with all food based shoots, is to make people hungry!! Our goal was to showcase the absolutely stunning meat as well as excite you and get your culinary juices flowing with amazing food pairings! The shoot needed to stay on track however, its very easy to overload the shoot with way too many props. With only a couple food pairings ideas and utensils in the image to paint a larger picture, the main focus is very much the meat. My only regret at this project is that we did not have a grill on site..

BTS Images!

Valentines Day Gift Guide

Client: Pattern Magazine – PatternIndy.com – Gift Guide Link
Project: Fashion Editorial / Product for gift guide blog post
Project Location: Studio
Photography Type: Fashion
Execution: Collaboration at it finest! Set life is infinitely easier when you have a solid team. Pattern staff Aubrey Smith and Maggie Voss killed the styling, Devon York and Jared Cash mastered hair and makeup respectively, and the models Liliane and Autumn from Lmodelz did an amazing job bringing fresh bold looks to the set (along with taking and understanding our suggestions which isn’t always the easiest!). All said and done I would say I absolutely had the easiest job setting up the lighting and capturing the images, and absolutely could not have done even a fraction of this shoot without the awesome people listed above!

Featured jewlery/accessories from the shoot came from Allison FordBraydee EulissKrista BermeoNick Blum, Sloane Swayze, and Yuval Landau.

Production BTS Shots: 

Grace Fishers Staff

Client: Grace Church – GraceChurch.us
Project: Staff Portraits for website update
Project Location: On Location
Photography Type: Portrait
Execution: Grace Church recently expanded into Fishers and opened the doors on a brand new building! My wife and I started attending Grace when we moved into the area 6 years ago, and we couldn’t be more excited to see what the Lord has in store for our community!
We wanted to add a unique flair to the Fishers Staff photos by using the main lobby as a background to emphasize their own campus uniqueness. However we retained the exact same light setup as the Grace Noblesville portraits I took a few months ago (at Grace Church -Noblesville campus) to maintain the reality that we are all Grace Church, regardless of the campus at which you work or attend.

Stay tuned, because when the trees turn green, I can almost guarantee you will see a Grace Fishers Architecture post!

Natural Born Juicers

Client: Natural Born Juicers – NaturalBornJuicers.com
Project: Product & Stock Photography for website update
Project Location: Studio
Photography Type: Product
Execution: When Laura and I first started talking about photography the first thing out of her mouth was that the images needed to kick ass and stand out (my paraphrase). They didn’t want the stereotypical ‘Cold Pressed Juice’ pinterest photos with the raw ingredients on a rustic wooden cutting board in a clean modern kitchen. After brainstorming a bit, Laura’s phrase, “Nature reclaiming the world after humans destroyed it” (again my paraphrase) stood out to us. We ended up creating a post-apocalyptic set with rusted metal, busted concrete, and some of the plants from her store to drive home the fact that this isn’t just another juice bar. They are here to set the bar, and deliver the best possible product.
(Read more about their branding process over at CODO Designs Blog!)
After the bottles were photographed we had an incredible time throwing the juice around to capture some splash imagery and smashing fruit on the ground for background web filler and random social media content. The studio has officially never been so messy! Loved. every. second.

Indy Urban Acres

Client: No Mean City – NoMeanCity.com
Project: Photograph Indy Urban Acres for a featured blog post
Project Location: On Location – Indy Urban Acres
Photography Type: Documentary / Portrait
Execution: I almost peed my pants when No Mean City asked me to photography Indy Urban Acres! As a future homesteader and amateur gardener, I immediately jumped at the chance to walk around the farm and chat with the manager, Tyler Gough. Photography was a breeze! My only challenge was choosing a subject from the hundreds of species of flowers, vegetables, and animals on the property! My favorite was the black and white houdan chicken (second chicken pictured below with the afro).

If you have seen my homestead Instagram account (@sqftgrdn) you know how much I love showing off the beautiful (edible) things the earth provides us! Indy Urban Acres surpassed all of my expectations, from the bee hives and chickens to the eight acres of crops, all going back to local food banks! It is such a beautiful mission to give back to the community with what your community can grow!

Head over to No Mean City’s blog and read Homegrown Helpers, their blog post about Indy Urban Acres. Then call them and go volunteer! Life is better with a little dirt under your fingernails! :)

Sempose Fitness Portraits

Client: Sempose Fitness – SemposeFitness.com
Project: Staff Portraits for social media and marketing
Project Location: Studio
Photography Type: Portrait
Execution: We photographed Steve and Kelsey on a dark, moody background to match the Sempose Fitness website. I wanted their images to display both toughness and approachability. You don’t want a bunch of sissies training you do you?? On the other hand you don’t really want to be scared to death of your trainer! In the end I feel like the images we captured fit the vibes Sempose Fitness has to offer: a fun, but serious matchup to fit all of your personal training needs! 

McCall Dentures Staff Portraits & Office Architecture

Client: McCall Dentures – McCallDentures.com
Project: Staff Portraits & Office Architecture for website update
Project Location: On Location
Photography Type: Architecture & Portrait
Execution: On location photography of a brand new office and a beautiful staff is always a treat! We used their phenomenal waiting room as a backdrop for their staff portraits, which we converted into a digital group composite (Always need to leave room for growth!). Of course we photographed everything with strobes to get the best possible light on the staff and tethered to my laptop so every employee could see their photo instantly and approve it before they went back to work.
The Office architecture was all lit with strobes to help retain natural colors and reveal the textures of the space Natalie Troyer designed! Photographing a space is infinitely easier when it looks this good! You definitely need to send Natalie a note if you want your business or home to look this well designed!