What’s Next?

Whats next for the WhonPhotos?

Guatemala: Week 1

Our month in Guatemala is flying by! Can’t wait to share more of our story, but here is a little snippet for now.

Final Countdown – 1 week!

Small preview of one of the missions Stephanie and I will be working on in one week!!

Tools of my Trade

Check out what we use on an average commercial photo shoot!
Post originally written for Paired Inc. http://bit.ly/ZJQT2V

Rock Climbing

Indianapolis based photographer Chris Whonsetler traveling to Utah to capture marketing imagery for Indiana adventure club.

Guatemala Bracelets

Help support local photographers missions trip to Guatemala by purchasing a local Guatemalan’s handcrafted bracelets!

New Love – Aerial Photography

I love flying! Nothing like the feeling of hanging out an open helicopter door hundreds of feet in the air!