Wedding Scam

If you are going to try to scam me, at least change the text in your email.. I’ve received the same email twice about shooting a last minute wedding. I’ve pasted the message below. So far I’ve received the email from and and have been asked to forward my response and price list […]


Note to self, clean your sensor or stop shooting photos with so much negative space… It happens to everyone, eventually you will get dust in your images. Most of the time you won’t notice its there, until you get some neutral featureless tones behind it. FYI I am talking about sensor dust. Its surprising what […]

Finding & Using Fantastic Light, Anywhere!

Light is everything in photography, and believe it or not you can find beautiful light absolutely anywhere you go! So what is good light? That depends on your preference. Personally I love really soft glowing natural light. The type of light you will find on a super cloudy afternoon. But what do we do if […]