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450 North Brewing

Client: CODO Design – cododesign.com
Project: Capture new can designs for design portfolio
Project Location: Studio
Photography Type: Product
Execution: Capturing 450 North Brewing Co’s can design was a wonderful process! The biggest challenge was finding a proper can to photograph with minimal blemish. We wanted to avoid the ‘perfect rendering’ look and show you exactly what you would find if you were to go pick one up at the store. After the design shots were made I had a little fun and did a pouring shot with their IPA. Super messy, but tons of fun! Can’t wait to do it again!

WhonPhoto_CODO_450NORTH-IPA WhonPhoto_CODO_450NORTH-Amber WhonPhoto_CODO_450NORTH-Ale WhonPhoto_CODO_450NORTH-Kölsch

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