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Digital Group Composite

Want a group photo on your website but hate the effort to get one there?? Business going through growing pains and worried about keeping a photo up to date? Getting your entire team to show up at the same place at the same time, getting everyone to look presentable, keeping everyone smiling with eyes open… blah blah blah. Its just not fun.

HOWEVER! I present to you the alternative! Digital group composites will give you the team photo of your dreams with only a fraction of the headache! (You still have to get people in front of the camera and looking nice..) We capture each team member individually and merge them into your custom group in editing! This way when your team inevitably grows or shrinks, all we do is photograph the new hire and add them to the composite, or pluck a recent retire out and push the rest of the team back together! More perks include: – Photo sessions on multiple days! – Everyone gets to choose and approve of their photo! – Changeable backgrounds! – The ability to generate different teams as well as one cohesive group! – Images delivered with transparent backgrounds!

What?! Check out some samples:

Individual portraits used to make the group below