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Everyone has their preferred list of reliable gear that fits their shooting habits, lifestyle and personal taste, these are mine.

Gear List, the Tools of my Trade

The Tools of my Trade (2010)

Nikon D810, D800, D3

14-24mm 2.8 – Nikkor
24-70mm 2.8 – Nikkor
70-200mm 2.8 – Nikkor
50mm 1.4 – Nikkor

Profoto D1
Elinchrom Ranger Quadra
Nikon SB800, 900

Radio Triggers:
Pocketwizard Plus III
Pocketwizard FlexTT5
Profoto Air Remote

Tether Tools 15′ USB 3 Cable
Tether Tools 16′ USB 3 extension cable
Tether Tools Aero Kit
Tether Tools Jerk Stopper

Camera & Light Support:
Indoor CLT204
Manfrotto XPRO 3 way head
Manfrotto 055XPROB Aluminum Legs
Manfrotto 322RC2 Grip Action Bullhead
Kupo C-Stands

Nikon D810, D800
SmallHD DP4
Cinevate Slider
Manfrotto Video Tripod Head
Sennheiser Wireless Lavalier Microphone
Røde VideoMic
Zoom H4n
Cam Caddie Scorpion

Macbook Pro
Capture One
Adobe CC Suite
Wacom Intuos Pro
Drobo 5D
LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt
Western Digital Hard Drives

LowePro Pro Runner 450 AW
Pelican 1510, 1610, 1650

Couldn’t work without:
iPhone 6
iPad Air 2
BlackRapid Classic
Leatherman Skeletool
Gaff Tape
Sand Bags

Grip Bag (better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it!)
Extra Gaff Tape
Extra Memory Cards
Batteries of all sorts
Backup low end radio triggers
Sync Cables (ugg..)
Backup low end strobes
Fabric (white & black) for DIY light modifiers
Walkie Talkies
Tissues & Toilet Paper (because out on location you never know..)
Business cards
Model releases
Pens & scrap paper