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Posing Secrets

One question I’m asked quite frequently is how to pose models.  Unfortunately there is no answer.  Everyone has their own personality and reacts to instructions differently.  One technique may work with model A, but will fail miserably with model B.  As a photographer you must be able to read who you are working with and create a personalized technique for each person you are working with to get the best modeling results from them!

Sounds miserable doesn’t it.. Its really not as hard as it sounds.  All you have to do is get them relaxed and comfortable.  When a model is comfortable with posing in front of your camera they look natural and you usually don’t have to do much instructing at all!  Bad poses root in uncomfortable models.

One trick I like to use (when I can) is playing music.  Before the shoot I ask the people I’m working with what they like to listen to and I try to get as much of that music as I can.  I used to use Pandora, but with a lack of choosing what track will be played and limited skips its a little unreliable, but still better than nothing!  Recently Spotify came to America, and so far its been a dream!  Its a little more costly, but with this extra money you can choose what tracks you would like to play and create custom playlists!  Playlists your models will connect with and love without question!  So far I’ve not hit any limitations with my premium account.

Bad news though, currently Spotify is only accepting new accounts by invitation..  I can help 4 lucky people out though!  Leave a comment below, include one posing secret you use when working with models and I’ll choose four of the most useful techniques to send the invites to!

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