Becoming a Master Photographer II

Scott Kelby makes some amazing points on shooting better images at the Google + Photographers convention. I really need to watch it again while I’m not editing a project. Some of the points that stuck out to me while giving it 25% of my attention were:

  • Working the Scene – Something made you stop to shoot a photo. What was it? Don’t give up on the scene until you found it, and have captured it in the best possible way. Zoom in, Zoom out, take a couple steps left or right.. Don’t give up!
  • Capturing a great image takes time – The best photographers don’t hold their camera up and get an amazing shot on the first shutter release. They work the scene & seek out a great shot.
  • Limit your portfolio – I really need to run through my images and eliminate images that don’t scream who I am and what I do best.
  • The best images aren’t necessarily the images that are technically correct, its more about the subject.
Watch this video! It will inspire you.

Keep Learning, Keep Shooting!

Chris W ‘WhonPhoto’

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