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Lazy Sunday here in Guatemala. After breakfast we went to visit the family we will be building a home for. Although the entire family was not able to meet us, we met the father, Rafael. His family is currently living with his parents along with 3 brothers, a lot of people in tight quarters. A recipe for disaster in America, but here it is very normal. Rafael was in tears thanking God that we have been blessed enough to make the journey to assist his family. We are honored beyond belief to be able to provide a home for his family. Our team alone cannot take the credit for this project though. Its through the many family and friends who helped us raise the support for Rafael’s house and giving us the prayer support we need to have the courage and energy to make the build a possibility!

This evening we went to a service at Ebenezer church. It was a fantastic experience! I understood about 5 words of the worship and sermon, but seeing our brothers and sisters in Christ worship in their language spoke for itself. The service as a whole was split between the local ministry team and our visiting teams. We sang a few songs to the congregation as a special music session, and I gave a quick testimony of how the Lord is using my life. In a nutshell I spoke on how I felt lead to pursue photography and how it has lead to many conversations about my faith and gives me the time and energy to pursue working overseas. Selfishly I really enjoy meeting new people and experiencing new cultures. But honestly really feel like that is also what gives the Lord joy. Serving God doesn’t mean you need to sell all of your belongings and pursue a lifestyle that doesn’t match where you currently reside. I believe that as long as you are praying about decisions before you make them and trusting your heart, than your desires will align with the Lords Will for your life and put you exactly where you need to be ministering.


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