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Inspiration from Dave Hill

Beautiful cross section of the PSD’s of one of my favorite photographers, Dave Hill. This is a crazy special treat, not many photographers will let everyone see what they did in photoshop, even though it is just a little snippet of the finished layers.  Dave Hill is known for shooting all the elements of his images separately and merging them together in Photoshop.  This gives him the ability to pay attention to every detail and get the lighting exactly they way he wants it for each individual detail.  Trying to do a shot like this in one take is impossible.  Mostly because his backgrounds are composited out of several locations, and the shot would be filled with all sorts of lighting equipment that would need to be taken care of in post.  Pay attention to the details in the video below and you can really get a sense of how he breaks each image apart to composite them into the final piece!  Be sure to check out his Vimeo page for more bts videos!

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