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Earth from Above

Recently I had the opportunity to take a little helicopter trip above Grant County to photograph the Fairmount Wesleyan Campground for their updated website.  This is an out of this world experience!!  Especially with no door or window separating me from the earth 500 ft. below me!  Growing up in Marion IN, I thought I knew what it looked like, but it was actually difficult to identify roads from the air.  Really the only way I kept my bearings as we flew were the larger landmarks in town, the campus’ of my Alma Mater Marion High and Indiana Wesleyan University, Matter Park, and my favorite tree (5th image down, I’ll post more images I’ve taken of it later).

I cannot wait to do this again.  I would love to have the connections Yann Arthus-Bertrand has and fly around the world and shoot life as the birds view daily.  One day perhaps..

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