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Children’s Nest Choma, Zambia

I left my heart in Zambia.. While we had free time after visiting different villages we visited the Children’s Nest orphanage in Choma. These children are incredible! So loving and playful! Once you step foot on their property they come charging out of the house yelling ‘Auntie! Uncle!’ (Everyone that visits them is their Aunt or an Uncle) If they don’t know you they are not shy about asking who you are. ‘Hey you! What is your name!?’ The hardest part of my trip to Africa was leaving these children. All they want is a little love. To be held, or given a piggy back ride, any type of attention. I plan on returning as soon as possible. I recommend you look them up if you ever find yourself in Choma! Be aware that it is impossible to leave without sponsoring one.

Please check out their website: Childrens-Nest.org and their Facebook page! (Its in German for now.. So use a translator if your not fluent!)

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