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Weekend Survival Kit

Headed up to Michigan to visit my wife’s grandmother. Absolutely love the woman. Full of life, happiness, amazing stories and infinite kindness. Truly a model human being worthy of all respect and adoration. However there are a few negatives I discovered upon my first couple trips up there a while back.. To avoid the sting of some of these negative attributes of visiting Mildred I’m preparing a survival kit. Here is a list of everything I’m bringing and why Its coming along. (In all honestly its not that different from any other list of items I would bring on any trip, just calling it a survival kit this time around because I’m blogging about it..)

Hopefully this little survival kit help me with whatever situation arises this weekend! My guess is I’ll be too busy with socializing and helping Grandma with chores she can’t do on her own anymore to utilize anything on this list (with exception of the coffee!!), but I’m under the mindset of ‘Its better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it’

Have a fantastic Easter Weekend!! I wonder if I can talk Grandma into doing an easter egg hunt…

Keep shooting!
Chris W ‘WhonPhoto’

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