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Road Trip!

Heading to South Dakota to photograph and video several interviews for Wesleyan Life magazine. Exciting but fast paced opportunity. More about this when the issue comes out!

So what am I taking?? Below I’ve listed my gear list for the 5 day trip, and a short explanation on why I’m bringing it. But first some tips for traveling with your camera gear (*These tips  are my personal opinion, its how I travel. Take with a grain of salt and apply your personal travel preferences and beliefs to you own trip).

(*Note some of my gear is outdated, so I linked to the upgraded product)

LowePro Runner 450

Pelican 1510 (Good to split up gear in case something happens to one bag)

Checked Bag

It seems like a lot, and I admit, it is. I have the ‘Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it’ mentality.. Its a blessing and a curse. Rarely am I in need for gear in the field, but I do have to lug it around everywhere we go.. Fortunately we will have our truck close by at all times and I can use as my closet. I am also planning on doing photo as well as video, which means one camera will always be set up and ready to shoot images, and the other will always be set up and ready to record some video. If you know much of anything about DSLR video (Its a work in progress for me), you will know its not super easy to switch from one to another on the fly. Especially if you care about good audio and a stable shot.

I’ll do a follow up post and focus on the gear that I did not need on my trip and make some notes on things I will do differently next time. Until then, keep traveling and Keep Shooting!

-Chris W ‘WhonPhoto’

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