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Guatemala 2013

Guess what, folks? We are going to Guatemala once again (shocking, I know)! This year, we are blessed to be able to spend 3 weeks in this beautiful country with some beautiful people!  Even though the trip is not until July, we are already preparing to go! Whether it be brainstorming fundraiser ideas, collecting shoes and toys, or coming up with kid-friendly crafts, everyone who has committed to go this year is busy prepping! WhonPhoto’s primary task this year is to produce a promotional video for IMPACTO Ministries. Once the video is completed, viewers will see a glimpse of the various ministries that IMPACTO staff and mission teams are involved with as a means of helping to better the lives of our brothers and sisters in Guatemala.

As mentioned previously, once again this year we will be working with IMPACTO Ministries, which is a ministry organization operating primarily in the Lake Atitlan region of Guatemala. Over the years, we have been a part of several different ministries including Happy Feet, Happy Tummies, Help Portrait, construction projects, vacation Bible schools, and a basketball camp, and this year’s activities are panning out to include a lot of the same. But no matter what we are doing, of course, there will be plenty of photo ops!



Thanks to Epson, we have been able to take a portable printer (Epson Picturemate) with us for the past 3 years and actually print portraits on location for the Guatemalans that we interact with while serving in various villages. Sometimes it’s a family portrait and sometimes it’s just a plain ol’ individual portrait. Last year we were able to take portraits of participants in the basketball camp and give each person a 4×6 photo of themselves holding a basketball! This doesn’t seem like anything special to us here in the United States, but to the Guatemalans, just a simple photo of themselves is a precious gift. It’s incredible to be able to witness the beautiful smiles of the folks we provide with portraits, especially because most of them have never seen a photo of themselves, let alone owned one!


Epson’s gracious donation of a Picturemate Printer two years ago has been a huge help, as we have been able to double the amount of photos we’ve printed while in Guatemala. And, it’s been great to have a “back-up” in case one of the printers malfunctions or gets damaged (which did happen during our most recent trip). We always are in need of donations, whether it be printer paper for the photography ministry (Help Portrait), shoes for Happy Feet, stickers for the VBS, or simply money for one of the many other ministries we do while in Guatemala. If you are interested in donating or in finding out more information about the various ways you can get involved in this year’s Guatemala trip, please visit our Give page to find more info on our trips and how you can help make a difference!! We are all super excited, and we can’t wait to share more with you in weeks to come!

Keep Shooting!
Chris W ‘WhonPhoto’


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