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Back to Guatemala!

Well here we are again, currently sitting on a plane heading to one of my all time favorite places! In case you don’t really know me very well I am en route to Lake Atitlan Guatemala to spend the week with Impacto Ministry. (Read more about it here)
I am going to try my best to make a post once an evening (pending internet access) with a photo of the day and a story to go along with it. Please feel free to share with those who have a heart for missions, and spreading the good news of hope & joy.


I pray these post inspire you to reach out to your missions circle where ever that may be! I am a firm beloved that we are all called somewhere different. Some keep it local, some like me travel a few hours outside of the US, and others travel to the opposite side of the globe! Where ever your heart is drawn to, please travel with love in your heart, and joy in your eyes. Even the smallest smile can make the worst of days a little brighter.
– Chris W

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