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Wee Believers Lifestyle & E-Commerce Product

Client: Wee Believers – WeeBelievers.com
Project: Lifestyle images of product in use and images of products clipped out
Project Location: In Studio & On Location
Photography Type: Lifestyle / Product Imagery for Client Marketing
Execution: Working with children will always be entertaining! Being versatile enough to bring the studio to their environment made life infinity easier on this shoot. Breaking a child out of their shy phase and getting natural smiles and genuine interest in the product is truly a work of art. It’s a fine dance between getting them to listen to direction from the art director/photographer and letting their little, creative minds wander into pure child curiosity. The thing about working with children that is important to keep in mind is that we work at their pace. We switch gears when its nap time, we change out models if someone gets hungry or isn’t interested in the toy being photographed, we simply go with the flow. The minute you try to force a child to have fun, it blows up in your face, and crying is contagious! Working with children is equally hysterical and terrifying. These models were spectacular though! If every photoshoot went as smooth as this one I would photograph more infants! The only hurdle we faced was an overly loving model who was more interested in the boys on set than the product we needed her to hold! I consider this a win.


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