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Video now available!

So after some thought I have decided to officially add video to my repertoire! You could call this short blog post a soft launch. And for those reading a call out for a massive discount in my video services! I need projects to include in my video portfolio, so I need your help! Contact me if you are interested in getting one heck of a deal on your next video project! We will do client interviews, building tours, CEO introductions, product demonstrations, behind the scenes through a project, you name it! You have no idea how much video can boost your company and/or product’s image to your client! Hop on board, its going to be an amazing ride!

For details on current video specs, pricing, availability and answers to any other questions, please contact Chris.

Video Rig

PS: Product photography is another specialty of mine! Any artists out there wanting to photograph their gear just give me a buzz!

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