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Part of our mission here in Guatemala is doing basketball camps (which you already know..). This mission takes place at local schools (again, which you already know :). This is an odd thought because in the states this would never happen! People coming into a school from another country who want to take over the entire population and preach the gospel. Another strike against us is being in a soccer culture. This doesn’t seem to matter to the children though! They absolutely love hanging out with us in the crazy heat and throwing a ball around.

When we arrived at the school we noticed there were no nets and a good quarter of the court was covered in dirt. Quickly the team got out our replacement nets and grabbed brooms and shovels and got to work. Within half an hour the court was cleared and ready to go! Most of the team split into groups and started coaching their stations, a few of the team members and I broke off and set up base camp for some portraits. As the children worked their way from station to station they came and got their photo taken. Thanks to our Epson PictureMate we were able to print their images out on the spot and present everyone with their photograph at the end of the event. In a culture that doesn’t see many photographs of themselves, this is a huge deal to get a portrait for free! We are all very happy that we are able to provide such a simple (in America) task for them to brighten their day!


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