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So I’m a little behind the blog thing.. It’s been an amazing emotional roller coaster trip this year! Lots going on that will take some time to process.. A lot of late nights and long conversations to sort through the events of the day/week.

Here is one story though!

Tuesday, at basketball before we started to hand out the prints, Tony introduced me to the group. After he said my name and I walked to the front the principal looked around and said ‘¿Donde su esposa?’ The teens erupted in whoops, hollers and cheers wanting to know where Stephanie was! This made a huge impact on me because Steph didn’t make it to basketball this year, they remembered us from last year!

I have always been curious about the impact we are making here in Guatemala. I trust that the Lords work is being done, but struggle with not being able to see the effects. To hear from a local that we have only met once or twice in years past that we are remembered and missed made me tear up a little! No matter what our role is here in Guatemala, we are making ripples and spreading the love of The Lord!


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