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Natural Born Juicers

Client: Natural Born Juicers – NaturalBornJuicers.com
Project: Product & Stock Photography for website update
Project Location: Studio
Photography Type: Product
Execution: When Laura and I first started talking about photography the first thing out of her mouth was that the images needed to kick ass and stand out (my paraphrase). They didn’t want the stereotypical ‘Cold Pressed Juice’ pinterest photos with the raw ingredients on a rustic wooden cutting board in a clean modern kitchen. After brainstorming a bit, Laura’s phrase, “Nature reclaiming the world after humans destroyed it” (again my paraphrase) stood out to us. We ended up creating a post-apocalyptic set with rusted metal, busted concrete, and some of the plants from her store to drive home the fact that this isn’t just another juice bar. They are here to set the bar, and deliver the best possible product.
(Read more about their branding process over at CODO Designs Blog!)
After the bottles were photographed we had an incredible time throwing the juice around to capture some splash imagery and smashing fruit on the ground for background web filler and random social media content. The studio has officially never been so messy! Loved. every. second.

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