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Grace Fishers Staff

Client: Grace Church – GraceChurch.us
Project: Staff Portraits for website update
Project Location: On Location
Photography Type: Portrait
Execution: Grace Church recently expanded into Fishers and opened the doors on a brand new building! My wife and I started attending Grace when we moved into the area 6 years ago, and we couldn’t be more excited to see what the Lord has in store for our community!
We wanted to add a unique flair to the Fishers Staff photos by using the main lobby as a background to emphasize their own campus uniqueness. However we retained the exact same light setup as the Grace Noblesville portraits I took a few months ago (at Grace Church -Noblesville campus) to maintain the reality that we are all Grace Church, regardless of the campus at which you work or attend.

Stay tuned, because when the trees turn green, I can almost guarantee you will see a Grace Fishers Architecture post!

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