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Wicks Pies

Client: Wicks Pies – WebInstagram – Facebook
Project: Lifestyle Product for Marketing
Project Location: Studio
Execution: When Wicks first contacted me about photography my first thought was YAAASSSSS!! Who can say no to an Indiana staple like sugar cream pie??? We shot everything in studio for spot on light consistency, locked down on a tripod to keep even angles between pie setups for the ‘cover shots’ on each label. After the gear setup it was a matter of placing the ingredients and deciding on how many crumbs we wanted in the shot! Styling is always the tricky part. I’ve found its a blend of what the client has in their head vs what I’ve seen in my research and what bothers me (I HATE little tangents when 2 items barely touch). This is why I love to shoot tethered to a laptop and with a large monitor & live view running. With this setup we can all see what the placement looks like before a photo is snapped and its actually large enough on the monitor we can see all the detail we could ever want! Think about Wicks for your next party. Its ok to be lazy and not make your own dessert, their pie will taste better anyway! (at least better than my attempts! HA!)

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