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From Field To Table

An honest hunters tail of the happenings out in the field while trying to live more and more off the land. By no means an expert, I simply want to share what I see and what I’m learning. From time to time I’ll bring you into the kitchen and show you how I take things from field to table. Please by all means give me your feedback! I’m always wanting to learn how to do things better or more efficiently.

I’ve been rocking the instagram handle for a while now, mostly sharing my backyard garden. I’ve branched out and started doing more hunting since the inception of the garden. Most of my thoughts in starting the YouTube/brand was to share what I am seeing out in the woods as well as bring attention to the fact that its not as hard as people might think!

The food I get from the woods and from my backyard garden are phenomenal, and taste even better because I put in the work. I brought it From Field To Table. But it’s not all about the successes. I’m here to document the mundane. Hunting and gardening are not fool proof, there are TONS of ways to screw both up and I’ve been down that road a few times. I want to share what I am doing so you can learn from my mistakes, or reach out and correct me before they become permanent mistakes! A ‘failed’ hunt still stinks big time, but its still a trip outside and into nature. Being outside with one hundred percent focus on the landscape and what walking/flying through it brings so much joy to my heart. There is so much happening out there if we just turn our heads and look for it.

Please join me on this journey! You can connect a few different ways.

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