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Hard Truth

Client: Hard Truth Distilling – WebInstagram 
Project: Bottle and cocktail marketing imagery
Project Location: Studio & Location
Execution: In another life I was a phenomenal bartender. This life no so much.. I do love a great cocktail, but the imagination and flavor pairing know how are not sticking with me. There are just too many options! When Hard Truth asked to shoot their spirits with cocktails pairings I was over the moon. A chance to work with a killer distillery and learn from awesome bartenders, heck yea! We made A TON of cocktails, many of which I’ve forgotten, but all superb. Personally I fell in love with the gin, but you just need to go try some yourself.

Photos you see in this post were split between my studio and virtualy all of the Big Woods restaurants and one stylist kitchen. Long story short, all we need are a few props and the room to setup my lights and we can get killer marketing product shots just about anywhere! The key behind these shots were the supporting elements. Having the right surfaces to add to the image without being too distracting, adding the right amount of height to a cup or bottle when needed, and the right ingredients to showcase some of the cocktail flavor profiles. The goal was to make tasty enough images that you would want to dig in a little deeper to find the recipe or order one yourself at a Big Woods Venue.


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